ABCs Of Starting A Home Based Business

I am going to be up front here. There is no easy 1,2,3 or A,B,C entries into any home based business. There is usually an unforeseen or unforetold circumstance. If someone is selling that, then you best look the other way. But there are some things you can bring to the table the will make starting a home based business easier.

ABCs of Starting A Home Based Business- A For Attitude.

Your attitude is one of the most important elements of starting a business. I am not talking about this “feel good”, “fun-loving”, “I am going to make a ton of money” type attitude. While those are nice, it is not the attitude for longevity. Let me tell you from personal experience, those surface feelings wear off quickly when you finally have to go to work.

Work begins about two minutes after you have contacted your last warm market lead. You are now faced with contacting acquaintances and strangers or hoping that your warm market spreads out telling everyone about what you do.

The hard truth is this: no one, and let me repeat this for emphasis, NO ONE will care about your business as much or more than you do. Don’t expect your warm market leads to carry the banner of your business for you. Sure, you may get a couple of leads, parties or connections from them. But unless they are getting paid too, don’t expect much more.

ABCs of Starting A Home Based Business- B For Believe

Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to do what others are not willing to do. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Picture a stake in the ground a few hundred yards away. The terrain is hilly and rocky; it’s not easy even for a seasoned climber. In order to get to that stake, you have to pull out all the stops and do things that you have never done before. You have to do things that are painful, that will likely cause some type of injury. But you do what you have to do to get to the stake. And NEVER give up!

Can you believe in yourself like that for your business? Can you believe that no matter what faces you that you can reach that stake, that goal you have placed for yourself? In every business, the first steps seem fairly easy, but when you move into uncharted territories, when you have to start doing things you have never done before, when you begin to do uncomfortable tasks, that’s when your belief system will either carry you forward or prevent you from ever making your goal.

ABCs of Starting A Home Based Business- C For Character

The sum total of attitude and belief in yourself equals character. Character is the book cover that everyone reads about your life. Can’t you identify those who have more “tude” than belief, like many teenagers? Or consider those who believe in something but have an “Eeyore” attitude. Neither one make it very far without a course correction to the makeup of their character.

So before you start a home based business, check your attitude, your internal belief system and ask someone about your character. Being out of balance is a sure sign of struggles ahead.